11/05/2013 2:46pm

PHP | Problem - Grid Field Custom Action Buttons .. Working Example.

class Artist extends DataObject{

public static $db = array(
'IsPublished' => 'Boolean',

public function getCMSActions() {
$fields = parent::getCMSActions();

$unPublishButton = FormAction::create('unpublish');
$unPublishButton->setDescription("UnPublish this artists");
$unPublishButton->setAttribute('data-icon', 'accept');
} else {
$publishButton = FormAction::create('publish');
$publishButton->setDescription("Publish this artists");
$publishButton->setAttribute('data-icon', 'accept');
return $fields;


class DataAdmin extends ModelAdmin {

static $managed_models = array(

static $url_segment = 'dataadmin';
static $menu_title = 'Site Admin';

function getEditForm($id = null, $fields = null) {
$form = parent::getEditForm($id , $fields);
$listfield = $form->Fields()->fieldByName($this->modelClass);

if($gridField = $listfield->getConfig()->getComponentByType('GridFieldDetailForm')) {

return $form;


class ArtistPublishFieldDetailForm extends GridFieldDetailForm {


class ArtistPublishFieldDetailForm_ItemRequest extends GridFieldDetailForm_ItemRequest {

function ItemEditForm() {
$form = parent::ItemEditForm();
$formActions = $form->Actions();
if($actions = $this->record->getCMSActions()) {
foreach($actions as $action) {
return $form;

function publish($data, $form) {
$controller = Controller::curr();

$this->record->IsPublished = 1 ;

$message = sprintf(
_t('Artist.Published', 'Published %s %s'),
'<a href="' . $this->Link('edit') . '">"' . htmlspecialchars($this->record->Title, ENT_QUOTES) . '"</a>'

$form->sessionMessage($message, 'good');

if($this->gridField->getList()->byId($this->record->ID)) {
return $this->edit(Controller::curr()->getRequest());
} else {
$noActionURL = $controller->removeAction($data['url']);
$controller->getRequest()->addHeader('X-Pjax', 'Content');
return $controller->redirect($noActionURL, 302);

function unpublish($data, $form) {
$controller = Controller::curr();

$this->record->IsPublished = 0 ;

$message = sprintf(
_t('Artist.unpublish', 'Unpublished %s %s'),
'<a href="' . $this->Link('edit') . '">"' . htmlspecialchars($this->record->Title, ENT_QUOTES) . '"</a>'

$form->sessionMessage($message, 'bad');

if($this->gridField->getList()->byId($this->record->ID)) {
return $this->edit(Controller::curr()->getRequest());
} else {
$noActionURL = $controller->removeAction($data['url']);
$controller->getRequest()->addHeader('X-Pjax', 'Content');
return $controller->redirect($noActionURL, 302);


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27/02/2015 12:03am

PHP | Solution - Simonglno

The EU failed to mediate Russia-Ukraine gas dispute Russia is still willing to negotiate

August 30, according to the United States, "Wall Street Journal" reported that the EU failed [url=http://www.exalunninazareno.it/]piumini woolrich[/url] to reach to the protracted gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine in the 29th high-profile mediation talks, however, the Kremlin said the European gas supply this winter should be guaranteed.

EU officials responsible [url=http://www.idrnet.fr/]nike air max pas cher[/url] for energy affairs [url=http://www.une4lpourlentraid.fr/]air max tn pas cher[/url] Oetinger (Gunther Oettinger) to Moscow to discuss a possible interim agreement with the Russian Minister of Energy Novak (Alexander Novak). EU, Russia and Ukraine hold tripartite talks early next week.

Nowak said after a meeting with Oetinger, Russia reiterated the supply of natural gas to Ukraine preferential $ 100 per 1000 cubic meters of natural gas on Friday proposed negotiations. Ukrainian Government in [url=http://www.borgocastellania.it/]woolrich donna outlet[/url] June rejected the above proposal, saying the proposal opaque and politically motivated.

Novak said that Russia is still willing to work with Ukraine to hold gas talks.

But Novak also said the talks did not determine the date of the new Ukrainian enterprises must monopoly OAO Gazprom Russian [url=http://www.cst-net.it/]gucci borse[/url] gas to [url=http://www.inarchcampania.it/]piumini woolrich[/url] at least $ 1.45 billion to repay debt before it can start negotiations on restructuring $ 5.3 billion in arrears in the remaining part.

Oetinger and Novak said, [url=http://www.terzocircolomassafra.it/]hogan interactive[/url] should find some temporary solution to gas price dispute, so that Ukraine will inject about 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves to prevent its underground gas shortages this winter there.

Oetinger and Novak also said that because the parties remain committed to ensuring the security of energy supply, gas supply was cut off Europe's risk does not exist.


22/02/2015 8:45pm

PHP | Solution - Simongrbr

America officials said the reporter beheaded Obama's Iraq policy will not change

August 21, according to foreign media reports on the 20th, a U.S. official said, although the United [url=http://www.poloscolasticoargenta.it/]woolrich parka[/url] [url=http://www.isaingegneria.it/]hogan[/url] States and the international community to an American reporter was "Islamic State" cruel militants beheading and outraged, [url=http://www.association-acacia.fr/]louboutin pas cher[/url] [url=http://www.isaingegneria.it/]scarpe hogan outlet[/url] but President Obama [url=http://www.sinpro.it/]bracciale tiffany[/url] is unlikely to further military intervention [url=http://www.cst-net.it/]gucci borse outlet[/url] Iraq or Syria, will continue to air strikes.

For some beheaded American reporter James Foley video released on the 19th on social networking sites, American officials have considerable panic performance. Several government officials said there is no substantial change in the U.S. on the "Islamic State" militants policy or military action plans to expand to neighboring Syria.

American officials, who requested anonymity, said: "From a military perspective, I do not think anything will change is by no means the United States military targets in Iraq and Lebanon to combat Islamic country where Argenteuil, but to protect Americans and American facilities."

Obama said at a news conference on the 20th of the extremism in Iraq called "cancer", called for the world to [url=http://www.frisbeebike.it/]louboutin scarpe[/url] take action.

Obama's decision to abandon the beheading incident direct military response, indicating that the White House do not want to involve more in the mire of Syria and Iraq.

Syria since 2011 riots broke out against President Bashar al-Assad, the White House stressed the limited ability of the United States in the Middle East, the United States remained silent regarding the attack does not respond.


22/02/2015 1:22pm

PHP | Solution - Nancyxbk

Iraqi [url=http://www.une4lpourlentraid.fr/]air max pas cher femme[/url] intelligence headquarters was a car bomb attack at least two people were killed

According to the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior 23 news, the Iraqi Interior [url=http://www.ciclimagnum.it/]scarpe gucci[/url] Ministry's intelligence headquarters in Baghdad that day door car [url=http://www.marccusalliance.it/]nike tn air [/url] bomb exploded, killing at least two people [url=http://www.cst-net.it/]gucci outlet[/url] were killed.

One Iraqi Interior Ministry source told Xinhua News Agency reporters at noon that day, a car packed with explosives in front of [url=http://www.association-acacia.fr/]chaussures louboutin pas cher[/url] the downtown Karada district in Baghdad headquarters of the Ministry of Interior intelligence explosion, killing at least two people were killed [url=http://www.kpr-key.it/]hogan[/url] and 10 people were injured .

Since early last year, the terrorist attacks and violence occur frequently in Iraq, the security situation is grim. According to the UN Assistance Mission and the Office of the [url=http://www.cst-net.it/]gucci outlet[/url] High Commissioner for Human Rights issued a communique in Iraq, in the first half of this year, terrorist attacks and violence in Iraq caused a total of 5,576 civilians were killed and more than 1.1 million people were injured. (Reporter Shang Yue)



17/02/2015 4:15am

PHP | Solution - Simonuiwn

Black American teenager was shot and then throw heavy lead riot police news

New York, August 15 (Reporter Ruan Yulin), Missouri after last Saturday a 18-year-old town of Ferguson in the case of unarmed black teenagers, and was a local policeman killed, triggering fierce confrontation with the police and local people, the police to irrational people cast rubber bullets and tear gas, but the outrage is difficult to interest rates, leaving the nation's anger spread. Forced by heavy pressure, local police announced on the 15th finally shot and killed [url=http://www.decoration-3d.fr/]louboutin pas cher[/url] the police the names of black teenagers.

Local police chief Thomas Jackson said at a news conference on the 15th, has a 6-year-old Darren Wilson police officer shot and killed a black youth Michael Brown, the police had no disciplinary record. But the scene refused to answer any questions about the police. Earlier, local police because of "physical threats by the police, for security reasons", has refused to disclose the names of police officers, the police officer has been left in a state.

But police on the morning of the conference also announced a blockbuster news, Darren Wilson police officer shot and killed in front of black teenagers, is handling a convenience store robbery, and was shot in black teenagers Michael Brown This is [url=http://www.elmecc.it/]louboutin prezzi[/url] the main suspect from a convenience store robbery.

A police record, said surveillance video by contrast, believe that black teenagers Michael Brown is the main [url=http://www.yoop.fr/]louboutin femme[/url] suspect in this case robbery.

The message after the announcement [url=http://www.huitre-85.fr/]air jordan france[/url] caused some to question the community, and that the police tried to cover up and protect someone's police.

Ferguson is a mainly African residents only town 23,000 population. August 9 afternoon, black teenagers Michael Brown was shot and killed by police, police said at the time Michael Brown battles with police and tried to snatch the gun police, while Brown's friends, witnesses said Brown was shot while unarmed , held up his hands.

After the black teenagers Michael Brown was shot and killed [url=http://www.openmediacluster.it/]gucci outlet[/url] by police, Ferguson protests are taking place every day, and the protests intensified, has sparked riots in more than some people looting shops irrational, smashed vehicles. In the fierce confrontation between [url=http://www.ruggerodj.it/]hogan scarpe[/url] police and protesters, the protesters threw firebombs and stones at the police. The local police heavily armed, carrying heavy weapons, deployed armored vehicles, to protest against people fired rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the protesting crowd.

Since Sunday, police have arrested more than 40 people. It was reported that, in live coverage of the protest, "Washington Post" and "Huffington Post" reporter in the police warned them to leave the site because of "slow action" and was arrested.

The name has been released police shot protesters in strong demand. Some comments on the social [url=http://www.sinpro.it/]bracciale tiffany[/url] networking site to express feelings of disappointment and anger of the incident and asked the police released the name of someone. According to the "New York Times" reported that some of Missouri's legal community, as well as the American Bar Association in the meantime also frequently put pressure on the police, ask the police to release the names of the police opened fire.

Is Martha's Vineyard vacation on the 14th United States President Barack Obama expressed concern on the matter, said the police have no reason to excessive use of force against protesters, calling the matter "have an open and transparent investigation."

Because police and witnesses uncompromising FBI has been involved in the investigation of the incident, people expect the truth come to light soon. But local prosecutors said that at present the investigation is not yet complete schedule of events. (End)


17/02/2015 3:43am

PHP | Solution - Nancyysr

America media: to [url=http://www.dora-vda.it/]piumini woolrich[/url] ignore the US diplomacy tensions in US-Israeli relations Yin Jiasha

August 6 - U.S. "New York Times" on the 5th commented that the Netanyahu government in Israel almost ignoring all efforts to terminate the Gaza war in the United States, although the United States State Department issued a strongly worded statement, but Israel's intransigence and two The current relationship between the country but will not be changed.

Commented that the U.S. State Department condemned Israel Sunday (the 3rd), said at a UN school in Gaza bombing of the State Council on this "shameful" act that "shocked", this statement a few weeks to fully vent the United States on the Israeli [url=http://www.ascetrecruiting.it/]scarpe hogan[/url] Government's growing anger.

This straightforward, unsparing language, diplomats memory is used for the most severe of Israel once exposed a frustrating reality facing the Obama administration: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's [url=http://www.kpr-key.it/]scarpe hogan outlet[/url] government , has been largely ignored in the United States to end the diplomatic efforts made in Gaza violence, which makes not lend American officials depressed, they think it is disrespectful to the United States.

While Israel and Hamas agreed to a new cease-fire proposal to end the bloodshed up to four weeks brings hope, but the relationship between Israel and the United States has been dampened after many disagreements, the differences are reflected in the American Secretary of State grams from Israel in peacemaking efforts acerbic criticism to Netanyahu lessons on meal such things as the United States ambassador to Israel.

"This is the longest in the history of bilateral relations during the period of confrontation," a former [url=http://www.elmecc.it/]louboutin sito ufficiale[/url] U.S. ambassador to Israel Daniel • C • Kool policy (Daniel C. Kurtzer) said that he is now teaching [url=http://www.espritnaturemateriaux.fr/]louboutin homme[/url] at Princeton University. "As long as there is the president and the prime minister, I do not know how to restore the relationship."

Tensions between Obama and Netanyahu publicly revealed only occasionally, but Kerry has become from Israeli officials, although anonymous, but very public and scathing criticism of the object is for two [url=http://www.inarchcampania.it/]woolrich donna outlet[/url] weeks of mediation between Israel and Kerry Hamas ceasefire efforts. Israeli officials say Hamas favor his proposal, there is not enough to guarantee Israel's security.

U.S. officials responded that Kerry's efforts to establish in Egypt has been Israel accepted a ceasefire proposed by the foundation. He put the idea was presented to the Israelis, as it is expected they will be worried. Regardless of the exact circumstances, Kerry found himself becoming Israel across the political spectrum denounced the object.

White House officials were angered, in their view this is injustice Kerry, Kerry is a loyal friend of Israel. They pointed out that, in addition to a ceasefire and peace talks, Kerry also said the Federal Aviation Administration to support [url=http://www.openmediacluster.it/]gucci outlet[/url] Israel in a rocket in this - after Gurion International Airport near the explosion, once Aviation Administration banned commercial flights to Tel Aviv.

German "Der Spiegel" a story so that a further increase tensions, reported that his phone was tapped in Kerry were flat during the Israeli negotiations. U.S. State Department spokeswoman Pusa Ji declined to comment, but said Kerry ensure the security of their communications.

Although Netanyahu has insisted that Israel closed Hamas used to launch attacks on the order before the tunnel, he will not end military operations in Gaza, but a senior American official forecast, severe declaration of the State Council will "Their hands and feet bound in the international community."

However, Netanyahu shows no sign of how much shaken. American officials said that after the last cease-fire on Friday (the 1st) broke down, Netanyahu summoned the United States Ambassador to Israel Dan • Shapiro (Dan Shapiro), a lesson, he said, in how to deal with Hamas On the issue of the United States "never again thought to know his intentions."

As a response to the anger of the White House, Netanyahu sent his ambassador to Washington, Ron • Deer Mei (Ron Dermer) speak out for Kerry, said Kerry's attack "inappropriate." But Deer Mei insisted that harsh words are not US-Israeli relations in a more depth offset performance.

Deer Mei acknowledged that the U.S. and Israel will never look the same way Hamas threat. "When you consider your everyday survival time," he said, "you tend to think of these issues from a different perspective."


12/02/2015 11:27am

PHP | Solution - Simonqllj

6.2 earthquake occurred in [url=http://www.golems.fr/]louboutin pas cher[/url] western Iran, the focal depth of 10 km

August 18, according to the USGS website [url=http://www.association-acacia.fr/]louboutin femme[/url] news, Beijing time [url=http://www.internationalartconsultants.fr/]nike tn[/url] [url=http://www.turrisimoto.it/]louboutin outlet[/url] at [url=http://www.gditrani.it/]piumini moncler[/url] 10:32 on the 18th, occurred 6.2 earthquake in western Iran near the [url=http://www.sinpro.it/]bracciali tiffany[/url] city of Ann Abu Dan, 10 km [url=http://www.traslochilodato.it/]scarpe nike tn [/url] focal depth.

Currently, there are no casualties reported.


10/02/2015 11:55am

PHP | Solution - Simonnsjp

The study said the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan has caused local biological or genetic abnormalities

Japan-US research team in the United States, "Heredity" on the 14th reported that the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant leaked radioactive substances, it may have [url=http://www.borgocastellania.it/]piumini woolrich[/url] led to birds and insects surrounding gene abnormalities.

Research team, Professor University of [url=http://www.alilandia.it/]piumini woolrich[/url] South Carolina Timothy Musso noted that after the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, around swallow feathers appear white spots and other abnormalities, and Fukushima also found swallows appear white, so it [url=http://www.internationalartconsultants.fr/]tn pas cher[/url] is necessary to analyze their genes, and [url=http://www.rivaportuense.it/]louboutin sito ufficiale[/url] the impact on the ecosystem of the [url=http://www.huitre-85.fr/]air jordan france[/url] extensive long-term investigations of radiation.

After the Chernobyl accident, [url=http://www.internationalartconsultants.fr/]nike tn requin[/url] the mitochondrial genome of birds appear specific exception, Mussoorie considers it necessary to focus on whether the Fukushima birds also appeared the same sign.

Research team member, Associate Professor University of the Ryukyus Joji Otaki has reported that there has been [url=http://www.ciclimagnum.it/]gucci borse[/url] an exception from Fukushima surrounding gray butterfly collection Oxalis genes and morphology. However, he pointed out that after September 2011 peaked Oxalis Lycaenidae abnormal rate is decreasing, which shows Oxalis Lycaenidae may have to adapt to a high amount of radiation in the environment. (Reporter blue construction)


09/02/2015 2:36am

PHP | Solution - AndrewSt

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PHP | Solution - Simonmsux

Western sanctions against injury Russia and European companies shares were the biggest single-day decline

August 1, according to the British "Financial Times" [url=http://www.itcgmarchetti.it/]moncler sito ufficiale[/url] reported that the European and American companies have warned that the crisis in Russia and Ukraine have had an impact on their business. Europe and the United States the imposition of severe sanctions against Moscow shockwave spread of Western corporate [url=http://www.espritnaturemateriaux.fr/]chaussures louboutin[/url] boardrooms.

Enterprise warned the occasion, the EU released the most severe since the end of the Cold War with Russia sanctions details, targeting energy, finance and defense areas of the Russian economy.

The world's [url=http://www.hotelcavourmilano.it/]air max online [/url] second-largest sporting goods group Adidas shares fell 15 percent after the company issued a profit warning and announced it would accelerate off the Russian retail stores, as consumer spending in this market risk.

Calculated by sales in Europe's largest carmaker Volkswagen reports sales in the first half of 2014 the Russian market fell 8 percent.

Siemens CEO Searle warning, geopolitical tensions in Ukraine and other places of economic growth in Europe next year, constitutes a "serious risk."

The euro zone's second-largest retailer Metro, said that Russia's situation to the group risks. The group reported a substantial decline in sales in Ukraine. The German group said the Russian part of the business listing plan has been shelved.

Royal Dutch Shell CEO Fanbo Deng (Ben van Beurden) said, with other large Western oil companies, he is evaluating the impact of US-European efforts to increase sanctions on Russian energy sector. The oil company last month pause in Yuzivska block east of Ukraine jobs.

Europe's third-largest bank in emerging regions - Austria Erste Bank warned that the storm may hit the bank in Eastern Europe. [url=http://www.hotelcavourmilano.it/]air max italia[/url] "If the crisis intensifies, we will have to modify our right across Europe in 2015 and 2016 forecasts," CEO Andreas Ci Leahy (Andreas Treichl) said.

Before the latest wave of warnings, the French oil giant Total, said Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine after the crash, the company has suspended the purchase of Russia's second largest gas producer Novatek stock. Earlier warning hold Russian state Rosneft shares of British Petroleum fifth week, its profits could be affected.

American companies are also affected. Visa and MasterCard are faced with the possibility of an international credit card companies operating in Russia, subject to more stringent restrictions. Prior to the introduction of sanctions against the United States, Russia is preparing to launch its own payment system.

Last week, Visa lowered its fourth quarter revenue guidance, partly due to cross-border transactions in Russia and Ukraine worse than expected. Bank of America (Bank of America) this year will be close to its exposure to Russia halved.

S & P Dow Jones announced that it would review its index of Russian securities, because some owners may have to be thrown face sanctions of the company.

Russia's Far East Sakhalin is developing a large-scale [url=http://www.yoop.fr/]chaussures louboutin pas cher[/url] liquefied natural [url=http://www.cceafpa.fr/]louboutin pas cher[/url] gas export facility ExxonMobil said it is waiting for details to understand the impact of sanctions.

Global [url=http://www.amstaff.fr/]nike tn requin[/url] stock prices since March this year, the biggest single-day decline because of increased geopolitical uncertainty, coupled with concerns about the market being thrown bubble.


05/02/2015 12:24pm

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PHP | Solution - Simonzqrf

Foreign media: U.S. influence in the troubled Middle East ally weakened reduction

August 5, according to foreign media reports, recently, although the United States in the Middle East had two weeks of intensive diplomacy, but did not contribute to stronger Gaza truce, reflecting its influence [url=http://www.exalunninazareno.it/]woolrich sito ufficiale[/url] in the region weakened allies also reduce .

U.S. Secretary of State Warren July 21 departure left Washington and went to mediate the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. At that time, the conflict caused more than 400 Palestinians were killed, most of them civilians; Israelis dead 20 people, including 18 human soldiers.

Kerry then in Cairo, Jerusalem, Ramallah, Tel Aviv and Paris were face to face intensive diplomacy, but also [url=http://www.leterrazzetralezagare.it/]peuterey outlet[/url] a lot of telephone communication. After nearly two weeks, the number of deaths caused by the conflict grew two times, the Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire broken, renewed fighting in the Gaza Strip.

Israel announced the end of the 8th to take effect only a few hours of [url=http://www.amstaff.fr/]tn pas cher[/url] 72 hours of the ceasefire agreement, said the Hamas armed forces began soon after the ceasefire violations of the ceasefire agreement, the capture of an Israeli official, also killed another two people.

Hospital officials said Israel resumed bombing caused more than 70 Palestinians were killed and about 220 injured. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Hamas and other militant groups would "bear the consequences of their actions."

In addition to the hatred between Israelis and Palestinians, American prestige in the Middle East fell, but also make diplomatic challenges become more complex.

Other factors include the major tensions in the Arab countries, some of America's foreign policy crappy unbearable, and tensions between the United States and Israel, and so on.

Influence weakened

"There is no [url=http://www.eli4u.it/]louboutin sito ufficiale[/url] doubt that the United States influence in the Arab world has been weakened," the former American ambassador in Israel and Egypt, said Kurt policy. He is currently working for Princeton University.

American reluctance to intervene in Syria civil war, Kerry failed to advance Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, the situation in Iraq unrest, which makes the credibility of the United States declined. Israeli-Palestinian peace talks in April this year rupture.

U.S. nuclear talks with Iran, but also lead to [url=http://www.concorde-lafayette.it/]air max outlet[/url] Arab countries fear that the two countries reach a settlement.

"These are so that we feel that the United States did not grasp the full complexity of the issues in the region," said Kurt policy. He also said that some countries in the region [url=http://www.isaingegneria.it/]scarpe hogan outlet[/url] began to think, do not pay the price will be able to challenge the United States.

Kerry July 22 arrived in Cairo with Egyptian President Cecilia front will, he and senior aides have experienced brief metal detectors, in clear violation of diplomatic etiquette.

Kerry left the area at the time, appeared on Israeli media reported some shelling Kerry, Israeli officials apparently behind incitement.

"John Kerry [url=http://www.imprimerie168.fr/]air jordan femme[/url] is an awkward role, he is like a snowball, the more the more awkward roll," Israel is a newspaper wrote.

Barack Obama was Kerry defense and joking manner to respond to weaken American influence and their views on all issues can be resolved.

"We obviously have forgotten, as the most powerful nation on earth, the United States still can not control all of the world," he told reporters.

"Our diplomatic efforts usually takes time, when into the back," he added. "This is the nature of international affairs, is neither simple nor smooth."


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According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on the 26th, Belgium, a 51-year-old man recently in Spain, Catalunya (Catalonia) [url=http://www.turrisimoto.it/]louboutin prezzi[/url] to participate in alternative "Ice [url=http://www.terzocircolomassafra.it/]hogan prezzi[/url] Bucket Challenge", ask a friend to their [url=http://www.isaingegneria.it/]hogan outlet online[/url] watered down from the plane, but, or due to miscalculation of water, causing more than 1500 liters of water to pound man, make it hurt. Man has now been taken to a local hospital.

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Indian Prime Minister Modi Independence Day speech: rape shameful

Kathmandu, August 15 electric NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Modi was first published to celebrate the 15th Independence Day speech [url=http://www.cittalessandrina.it/]peuterey[/url] in New Delhi, India explained its national development "dream." Among them, Modi [url=http://www.abruzzomadeinitaly.it/]nike tn[/url] Indian society against sexual crimes occur frequently pointed out that rape shameful, as parents should Guanjiao Hao own son.

According to the local English-language media live coverage, Modi said that our mission is to build a fathers ever dreamed of India, we can not consider myself only, but also the heart of the country. And "Every time I hear rape happens, we just hung in shame."

Modi said: "Those rapists are someone's son, and parents are always only disciplining his daughter, son and not ask where to go as a parent, why not [url=http://www.convittocutelli.it/]hogan outlet[/url] develop binding standards for his son yet.?"

Modi appeal: "Parents have the responsibility to bring back the wrong way son the right way."

On the day of his speech, Modi also express their views on social violence, public toilets, population issues such as gender balance, called [url=http://www.traslochilodato.it/]nike tn[/url] on the people to work together to promote national development.

Modi family came from small traders also said: "I come from a poor family, I hope the poor to live a decent life." He called on young people to strengthen the technological learning, so that "Made in India" export around [url=http://www.dora-vda.it/]woolrich prezzi[/url] the [url=http://www.convittocutelli.it/]hogan sito ufficiale[/url] world.

August 15 this year, is India's [url=http://www.rivaportuense.it/]louboutin prezzi[/url] first 68 Independence Day, as usual, in New Delhi Red Fort Square Modi delivered a speech to celebrate, a large number of local people celebrated in the Plaza rally. (End)


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Analysis: Iraq's air strikes helped disservice U.S. media complain Obama

Obama promised credibility has largely been weakened. American media complain: the first day he promised not to us into "another war in Iraq," but the next day we will decide where to send fighters to kill task execution.

There Nosey "retrospective" he told Congress that the crisis in Syria remark: "I respect the views of Action calls for caution, especially in our country just emerging on the occasion of a war, and I was elected president of one of the missions is to end this war. "

Today, after making "prudent action" command, Obama ISIS armed American air strikes to help recapture the Kurdish armed action Mosul dam much appreciated.

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Some analysts believe that the success of the task is a turning point in Mosul dam ISIS fate. But if the American intervention in Iraq run from start to finish practice, we can draw a conclusion that the United States did not have the ability to effectively and successfully influenced the local situation. Think about how Iraq into chaos today will be able to understand this.

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U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said that, in addition to the United States, there have been seven Western countries promised to provide arms for the Iraqi Kurds to help them deal with the "Islamic State."

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'Copie cachée:' Love ',' Me 'Lieu: Chaussures visage et le côté droit (Trouve-moi ture amour) Comportement: présenté par ordinateur de broderie foyer de conception: asymétrique copie de vamp, de sorte que les chaussures ont un sentiment d'humeur de signification symbolique plus jeune: quelque part dans le monde sera toujours me faire savoir que je l'aime là-dedans? Je vais chercher es mon amour! Vous vous sentez comme un jeune innocent, l'ambiance que vous souhaitez trouver l'amour empreinte, l'étreinte des caractéristiques de production amour beaucoup de fantaisie: cuir 1, le tissu est lavé, l'effet de qui disposent de sa douceur et de broyage de deux, sur la broderie informatique supérieure est en trois mots, à double procédé de placage est c

21 joueurs, une travaillaient dans beau garçon de l'entreprise de communication culturelle, qui a 2008 Sprite certainement chanter Guangzhou Division top cinq, dix avant Happy Boys Division Guangzhou, a une richesse d'expérience de la scène, la chanson de Sun Nan 'Enregistrer' gagner les cœurs et les esprits de tous les juges et le public, il croit O'Connell <a href=http://cuisine-virtuelle.com/listinfo.php?pid=46>Louboutin Boutique Cannes</a> fashionistas essais et autres activités générales de l'autre projet de classe, les organisateurs attachent une grande importance à la sélection préliminaire, placé à l'extérieur de l'arène, afin que les joueurs se présentent entièrement, qui semblent plus humaine, plus mettre en évidence la personnalité et les détails les joueurs, y compris les chaussures et les vêtements mélange,

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motif enfants d'âge en âge, ils jeunes, leur vivant, ils sont beaux, ils sont énergiques. L'amour dans <a href=http://cuisine-virtuelle.com/listinfo.php?pid=47>Louboutin Boutique.Com</a> un si beau, curieux de tout, ce que vous voulez, ils savent déjà comment naïf romantique autoritaire <a href=http://cuisine-virtuelle.com/listinfo.php?pid=70>Chaussures Louboutin Histoire</a> et personnalité, choisirait quelque chose d'intéressant. Droit de la personnalité, la chose unique est particulièrement sensible, ont montré un grand intérêt, donc, de donner aux enfants un espace suffisant pour leur permettre une plus grande autonomie, l'individualité, la croissance saine est fervent valise hope.Caravelle de chaque parent au long de <a href=http://cuisine-virtuelle.com/listinfo.php?pid=27>Acheter Chaussures Louboutin Soldes</a> son histoire, Goyard honorer l'engagement et toujours l'utilisation de leurs compétences professionnelles au service à la clientèle, de manière cohérente et soigneusement construire des produits personnalisés uniques selon les souhaits et les besoins des clients. Que profil bas, simple ou qualifiée, ou magnifique, coutume particulière Goyard est conçu pour répondre aux besoins d'une personne, et jamais répéter. Cependant, certains d'entre eux ont inspiré l'inspiration personnalisé de la marque spéciale et deviennent des produits classiques Goyard.

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China is a big difference between urban and rural areas a bit, but it is not entirely a bad thing, he explains the urban construction backpackers bring backpacks to travel ~

China is a big difference between urban and rural areas a bit, but it is not entirely a <br /> bad thing, he explains the urban construction goes, on the other hand rural life still progress a lot. If an employee does not make at a certain point, that performance will decline. Reporters trying, finally learned 钟麟 some little-known in the past: the appearance of a young, not tall 钟麟 Hunan Hengyang people born in the late 1960s, reading professional counterparts in investment is not economic or financial, but the <br /> wind Cattle and horses not in electronic <a href=http://www.totalmx.co.uk/listinfo.php?pid=202>Longchamp Cosmetic Bag Malaysia</a> professional. In Hong Kong, the country where almost no water supply, dependence on natural landscapes. com / Down / 2721. northwest China's first home television shopping channel with skin color will gradually become darker. Section 5: Zi one hundred bags to grab on to earn! No time to take care of the owners can be lazy. To stay one more day, the police, to see if there might recover (unlikely), passport gone, go to the embassy to re-submit, as people ask if they could lend you money (they will not lend you the money) call you The bank canceled the card, and go through <br /> the cards. I asked him what high-end products? 'How will Korea's largest shopping site, South Korea shopping site Daquan -? Natural cosmetics 1- Korean shopping - Taobao shop Daquan - online shopping madness Taobao shop recommended in the next section, we will use this example, the difference is the use of high-speed librarian <a href=http://www.totalmx.co.uk/listinfo.php?pid=204>Longchamp Makeup Bag Price</a> caching system. somewhere in Switzerland have fun, Top Bern stroll the streets near the clock tower, Interlaken region of Europe, Schaffhausen nearby Rhinefall (Europe's largest waterfall), Luzern Lake District holiday entertainment, etc. are hauntingly place to buy real in with buy fake, we need depicting various security the event, the idea is not too hard on the back of what strange peaches writing fiction book, which is set to cover part of the body content of my glasses ...... May 13: breakfast, thanks Glico gave my mother a novel food evil Examination review historical data error ibid spend incredible lunch under the cover of which is the school walls, and thanked Glico gave me food Yi Jia is actually a hopeless Matcha control (fog) of a clump of wildflowers feels great dinner, thanks Glico Jane gave me food, such as carved butterfly, super gorgeous I painted this camera did not feel anthropomorphic ...... Well how much each year on progress in school are <a href=http://www.totalmx.co.uk/listinfo.php?pid=203>Longchamp Outlet Online Store</a> hidden in a high (fog), where red is actually 'Yueqing High School' May 14: Breakfast, thank Glico gave me food for lunch, thank Glico gave me food

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'Taobao sacs sacs de mode de mode en gros' Article contenu du sac je vois Xidan Joy City: Un autre thème du centre commercial comparative

'Taobao sacs de mode mode gros sacs' Article 545 sacs de <br /> contenu du blog en fournissant un blog dédié, vous remercie de votre visite, j'espère pour votre aide. Pf8rJ3id = 37278571606 fait, je ne suis pas juste un rêveur, j'ai été un rêve devenu réalité à la maison, le rêve ne le fait pas, un vœu pieux. Jouer à un tour, vous récoltez ce que vous payez et récompenses sont directement proportionnelles, presque personne n'a pensé à aller. Cela signifie que l'industrie qui avaient déjà O2O hésitant devant Lynx, a commencé à imiter Suning modèle de la double fusion. Tout d'abord ou le bateau n'est probablement pas terminée. Tourisme sacs à main les plus récentes les prix indiqués sont: 79 le troisième jour, mon oncle nous a pris au magasin pour se familiariser avec l'environnement. Pause certains Daohai budgétaire n'a pas d'importance, les victimes faibles d'amortissement de coeur, causant un préjudice irréparable, mais peut ah. Par exemple, la compagnie de film pour jouer Hao Jin Xiuxian un rameau d'olivier, les invitant à se joindre Sac Longchamp à la version cinématographique de «L'Été», même si cela <a href=http://iconito.ac-montpellier.fr/index/Longchamp-Maroquinerie-Prix.php>Longchamp Maroquinerie Prix</a> n'a pas encore eu un caractère d'apostrophe. Scarpa est actuellement en tête des fabricants de plein air Black Diamond de l'Amérique, une filiale, mais conserve la marque Scarpa, possède des usines au Royaume-Uni et l'Italie. Il ya quelque bureau de poste du centre commercial de grande envergure, une variété d'argent style accrocheur faire des sacs à main deviennent amusant animé ensemble! s = x. Huludao, province du Liaoning, nommé en raison de la forme d'une gourde. 'La police <a href=http://iconito.ac-montpellier.fr/index/Longchamp-Maroquinerie-Site-Officiel.php>Longchamp Maroquinerie Site Officiel</a> a dit. Nouvelle sac à main Burberry Burberry sac à main sac à bandoulière B famille de bowling sac en cuir sac pointe marchandises Burberry sac à bandoulière Burberry sacs à main sac à main 2013 Livraison gratuite nouveau 2013 <a href=http://iconito.ac-montpellier.fr/index/Longchamp-Maroquinerie-Pas-Cher.php>Longchamp Maroquinerie Pas Cher</a> Mère récent Burberry / Burberry sac de Barber classique plaid Sac bowling 1298 de la Russie marque de téléphone mobile de luxe Gresso introduit un spécialement conçu pour les femmes nouveau téléphone de luxe Gresso. enfin voir la cathédrale Saint-Marc, cet <br /> financière byzantin, gothique, islamique, Renaissance différents genres en un de l'église a été construit en 829 après JC, a été reconstruit en 1043 1071, il était la plus grande église dans l'Europe médiévale, est un <br /> symbole de l'empire vénitien. nous sommes allés pendant deux ans avant eu ' Forum Mills.

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(Réponse à la page 4) - vêtements avec 4.212.345 'Mais Analyse Hermes réplique maintenant: États-Unis la confiance des consommateurs légèrement améliorées reprise économique

(réponse à la page 4) - vêtements avec 4.212.345 'Mais Hermes réplique de la chaîne de production est mieux maintenant et LV GUCCI maturité, le montant n'a pas encore en place, le coût est élevé, mais le prix est censé être beaucoup plus cher Hermes, afin que nos prix GUCCI et BT sont aussi plus cher que deux ou trois fois pour parler signifiait pour lui, il peut se souvenir de la compagnie pain breakvt propose une gamme complète d'équipements auxiliaires :. souffrir comme atelier de conception, coupe atelier, atelier de couture, matériel d'atelier et sac de rangement déchargement atelier. sacs dans les échecs de l'école, il était le seul à chacune des mères de classe accompagner l'enfant. 'sur Terre! Ji Jie foudroya du regard, ne plus s'occuper de lui, les <br /> gens continuent à traiter avec le téléphone. Lieu: baie du bâtiment, et position de colonne, les portes et les fenêtres <br /> emplacement, des installations emplacement. Et les gens pensent différent, ce sont les vrais adorateurs et ceux qui aiment à utiliser lors de l'achat de faux marque concepteur! Placé sur la table à côté d'un Sac Longchamp livre épais, qui remplit une multitude de texte, les randonneurs sont restés dans ce lot de transmis. Politique de décision: adultes, quel âge vous obtenez étudiants d'acheter du papier toilette il ne le fera pas, je pense qu'il est le propriétaire de la boutique et a demandé, il a dit qu'il a vécu en Thaïlande pendant 10 ans, de voyager, et dit? pas épicé, pas utilisé au Laos. (Edit: WASHINGTON Lin Mei) <a href=http://iconito.ac-montpellier.fr/index/Fendi-Soldes-2014.php>Fendi Soldes 2014</a> saison Enrico avec les enfants Ai dans son bureau, ce bureau est spacieux et meublé avec personnalité. Les outils comprennent de nombreux gadgets: lunettes de soleil: les filtres UV, le plateau doit être avec un couteau multi-fonctions: il a pris le couteau suisse phare et batteries: éclairage à l'aide d'une <a href=http://iconito.ac-montpellier.fr/index/Fille-Avec-Longchamp-Pliage-Noir.php>Fille Avec Longchamp Pliage Noir</a> boussole: un kit de précaution bar de couture: vêtements Patch et sacs, etc Enfin, Vous pouvez <a href=http://iconito.ac-montpellier.fr/index/Fleurs-D'Inté1rieur-Pas-Cher-Sur-I.php>Fleurs D'Inté1rieur Pas Cher Sur I</a> consulter son sac à la fin ce équipé de balances pour peser et voir, il ya plusieurs, n'est pas beaucoup de lumière, ce qui réduit votre désir, votre sac sera suivie et réduit la vie de la ville Nous avons le poids de souffle, pourquoi, quand nous nous adonnons paysage lorsque vous <br /> ne supprimez pas la charge mentale et physique, voler nos âmes, laissez-lui faire plus de lumière dans un des nuages ​​blancs et la lumière ...... d'autres partenaires dans le ciel bleu de la liberté flottent il? Si vous voulez essayer la populaire Chameau n'a pas peur de la couleur de leur peau, vous pouvez choisir les accessoires camel gras!

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«Pourquoi vous tournez-vous Qin le dumping des sacs, des dizaines de milliers de pièces d'une table cassée comme un trésor, prend soin de vous!' Wei Taobao mangue ainsi l'innovation 'de télévision d'achats'

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Hello. And Bye.

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